Thursday, 8 November 2012


During WWI, there were significant changes in fashion design, fabrics and manufacturing. When Germany declared war on France in August 1914, preparations for Paris Fashion Week were well under way- the event still went on as planned. 

The effects of the war started to effect high society and people no longer made financial outlay for luxury couture. Many of the male couturiers signed to for service leaving the women in charge. 

America didn't enter the war until 1917. As a result of this the American fashion industry supported the French fashion houses. Despite wartime setbacks, the Paris fashion houses remained unchallenged by American talent. Biannual shows continued to be staged. 

News of Paris' latest styles still echoed all over the world, causing great interest. In 1916, Conde Nast launched a British edition of Vogue to boost morale. 

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