Friday, 2 November 2012


Suffragettes were a group of women for fought for womens rights. There were two types Militant and Non-Militant. Those who were Militant, were pretty extreme. They chained themselves to railings and attacked MPs. 

Their Suffragette colours  were Purple (dignity),White (purity) and Green (hope). Suffragettes wore dark clothing to show that they were very serious about getting votes for women. But they wore intricate brooches and jewellery to show that they were supporting. They switched their clothing to a more practical style; Three-quarter length straight coats, worn single breasted with a small collar were popular and worn above a fitted blouse with small upright collar and blouson sleeves with tight cuffs with an A-line skirt reaching to the mid-calf.

Here is a video to explain the suffragette movement: 

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