Thursday, 8 November 2012

From 1916..

From 1916 increasing numbers of men joined the services and women were encouraged to enter the work force. These jobs were highly skilled in areas like transport, medical, agriculture and fire arms production. These jobs needed practical clothing. 

Women adopted mens styling, and wore Breeches, Dungarees, Boiler suits and low heeled lace up boots. 

Also, softer corsets and bust bodices were worn. However, they became more practical. They were no longer there to shape the body, only to support it. By 1916, the brassiere was developed from the bust bodice.

After the war Paris continued to dominate international fashion. The huge demand for wedding dresses following the ward gave the industry a much needed boost. Couture houses enjoyed booming trade.

In addition, in 1921 Chanel put her name on a scent bottle, making her the first ever designer to endorse her own perfume. 

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