Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Silhouettes of the 20s

The silhouettes of the 1920s remained column like and there was an addition of peplums. Also there was layered skirts and drapes.

In 1915, a number of designers introduced military references to their collections. The colour Khaki 
was in Vogue. Sensibly tailored jackets and suits became fashionable. Military styling continued to filter through into women's wardrobes. Skirts shifted away from the Hobble Skirt and became softer and flared or tiered. By 1916, hemlines were creeping up.

Practically became increasingly important.

During the war , there was a shortage of domestic labour. Clothing that needed elaborate cleaning and pressing was soon modified. People no longer embraced evening wear and daywear became the most important. As the war years went on, the tea dress declined.

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