Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The 1980s

During the 1980s opposite views were valued than were in the late 1970s. More and more people during this decade were dressing for success, especially in the later years. 

Kalvin Klein 

In the early 1980s Klein changed the American market of men's underwear—one where most men's underwear was white, purchased in packs of three by a "wife, mother or girlfriend when they needed to be" to one where "the American male to care about the brand of something few ever see".

Girls Just Want To Have Fun- This film was set into the 80s. 

There were many popular fashion crazes in the 80s for example:
-Shoulder Pads
-Mini Skirts
-Leg Warmers
-Big Earrings
-Fingerless gloves
-Oversized Tops
-Stretch-Stirrup Pants


Madonna was the biggest style and pop icon in the 80s, she also had many looks during the 80’s. She had the ability to change her style and re-mix it. This contributed to her longevity of her career.

Leotards and Dancewear

Leotards of the early 1980s featured bright stripes, polka dots, and even elastic belts. Dance became so popular because of aerobics and dance-themed television shows and movies, such as Fame  created a dancewear fashion craze, and leotards, legwarmers, and headbands were soon being worn as street wear.

The Princess Of Wales 

At the beginning of the 80s Princess Diana caused some fashion embarrassment for the Royal Family. So much so that they had tutors from Vogue come over and try to teach Diana some fashion sense. By the middle of the 80s, she took what she learned from fashion lessons and did what she wanted to. She soon became the  trendsetter of the 80s.

1989- Billy Joel (We Didn't Start The Fire) Summary of 1949-89

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