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1970s fashion began with a continuation of the mini skirts, bell-bottoms and the androgynous hippie look from the late 1960s. 

By 1970, women could choose who they wanted to be, and they wore whatever they want. By this time they had more freedom to wear what they want. Women could even wear trousers!

For evening wear women wore maxi dresses and halter neck jumpsuits. 

Platform shoes and flared trousers were also popular. They were popular among both sexes. 

The hippie look was most prominent at the beginning of the 70s. After that, jeans became frayed and tie-dyed shirts were the height of fashion.

In 1971 Hot Pants and crop tops were the latest fashion craze for women. 

Another trend for both sexes was the fitted blazer, which flared slightly at the hip. It came in a variety of fabrics, including wool, velvet, suede, and leather. The blazer had covered buttons and wide lapels. 

Glam Rock

Glam Rock was popular in the 70s. It was a style of rock and pop music that developed in the United Kingdom in the early 1970s, which was performed by singers and musicians who wore outrageous clothes, makeup and hairstyles. For example; David Bowie 

David Bowie's style was influenced by space and technology and he also dressed quite femininely. 

Some fashions that were influenced the Glam Rock style were ostrich- feather boas, rabbit-fur jackets and  satin quilted jackets.

Jean Muir

Jean Muir was a British fashion designer in the 1970s. She was famous for making black jersey dresses. She ignored the fads of fashion and hated printed textiles and embroidery. 

She aimed her work at the mature woman. Her clothes were 'comfotable and effortless'. 

Ossie Clark

Ossie Clark was also another major British fashion designer. 
He was known for his Flamboyant style. 

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