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Many trends from the early and mid-1990s carried on into the 1990s. This included flared trousers, miniskirts and low-waisted jeans. People also wore thong underwear that was inspired and created by contemporary R&B and jungle music.  Belly shirts came into fashion your thong hanging out of your jeans was a fashion statement.

Grunge (or commonly known as Seattle Sound) began in the 1990s when people were inspired by bands such as Nivana and Pearl Jam. Grunge or nowadays known as 'indie' meant that people wanted to be different, and not like the norm (e.g. preps).

The Prep Subculture

The prep subculture began in the United States during the 90s.
''The term preppy derives from the expensive pre-college preparatory or prep schools that American upper-class and upper-middle-class children in the Northeasten states sometimes attend. (wikipedia)''.

Saved by The Bell was a programme filmed in the 90s. Many people were influenced by the way they dressed. 


Converse All Star by Chuck Taylor were very popular in the 90s. They were worn between both genders, all ages and, with anything! Girls wore them with babydoll dresses, lace trimmed shorts. Guys wore them with biker jackets, and plain clothing. 

Clueless- Clueless is a very popular 90s film that shows us what kind of clothing people wore in the 90s.
It is a classic that shows you many of the latest trends at the time; for example, solid under tee blazers and airwalk trainers. 

Fresh Prince Of Bell Air


Snapbacks became popular in the 90s when they were introduced by the Hip-Hop community. Rappers such as Tupac had raised the hats popularity through their music videos and album covers. Throughout the 90s snapbacks were mostly worn by the poor youth, since 59 fifty hats were more expensive. 

Nearing the end of the decade, snapbacks were declining in popularity. 


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