Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The floral day dress

Dior's famous look was widely copied and mass produced by many companies. It was one of the most recognizable fashions of the 50s. 

After the war, men returned to the workforce, and women were encouraged to return to their traditions as a housewife.

Many women started to groom themselves perfectly. They wore eye make up, gloves, earrings and lipstick. 

The Stiletto

The stiletto was the footwear equivalent to Dior's New Look.  

Resort Wear

Because the war had ended, people had more time on their hands and the resort industry was booming. So people took the opportunity to buy a new wardrobe full of separates. 

Beach wear styles were big in America and Europe. 
St Tropez held annual shows to show off the new beach wear collections.

In 1947 the first ever bikini was created. 

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